A valuable life skill

Hugely rewarding

Learning to drive is a valuable life skill. It can broaden our social horizons and create new opportunities in the world of work. It can also help develop your overall confidence.

Training uses a student/client centred approach, with open Q&A coaching techniques. This will help you gain the necessary insight and understanding of your abilities and behaviour when in the driving seat.

You will acquire the skills to become a safe, competent and considerate driver which will help you make a positive contribution when sharing our busy roads.

We gain knowledge and understanding in different ways. In the early stages of your driving we will work as a team to find the method and pace of learning best suited to you. Through regular feedback and discussion i will encourage you to set your own aims and objectives so that realistic learning outcomes can be achieved.

Patience and understanding

Learning to drive can sometimes be challenging and our ability to assimilate new skills can be hampered by other factors in our busy lives. I will guide you through all the relevant stages with patience and empathy , from the theory and on to the practical test. Once you have become a safe and confident driver the test should be routine. However you will continue to learn and develop your skills- we never stop learning and yes that does include me!

Safe driving for life

Above all i want you to enjoy your driving and the new opportunities it brings.